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Few know exactly what their true financial position is, do you?
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Few know exactly what their true financial position is, do you?
The Christmas / New Year period is a good time to improve your knowledge in this area plus doing so will help you and your Financial Planner work together, over time, to move toward your financial goals.

The Budgeting Tools / Calculators on this website are a great way to get a very good handle on your financial position.  Also feel free to offer the use of these
tools to others you think may benefit from them.

These tools will give you a Cash Flow position, that is, whether or not after all costs, income,
assets and liabilities you have a positive or negative cash flow.  Knowing this information is vital to better
management of your money.

At the same time you work on a Budget plus gain a better understanding of your Superannuation
and where it is in relation to what you need further down the track.

To start using these Tools simply click on the Financial Tools or Calculators button in the menu

The real beauty of these tools is that you can use them, leave, and when you come back to keep working
on a budget or test some Super strategies, the information you entered
previously is still be there waiting for you. Of course, you need to Register
so the system knows which information is yours, just like, say, Internet



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